Showing Tips For Sellers

Preparing Your Property To Show

Properly preparing your property to "show" will help you to obtain the highest price and the quickest sale
possible. A general guideline is Fix it, Clean it, and Box it up. Even if you are still living in the home you are trying to sell, you want to make it as clutter free and presentable as possible. Following are some tips and guidelines to help you prepare your property to show:

Things to check before every showing:

___ Open Blinds and Curtains ___ Mow lawns, trim hedges, sweep sidewalks
___ Turn on all lights ___ Pick up all toys, tools, bikes, etc.
___ Make sure all rooms are clean ___ Make sure garbage cans are out of site
___ Make sure all beds are made ___ Close garage doors
___ Vacuum the floors ___ Park cars on street or around corner
___ Set thermostat to comfortable level
___ Turn on some soft music
___ Give house a good smell with air freshener or home-made cookies or bread.

Other Suggestions:
___ Meet the agent who will be showing your home, get a business card, and then leave if possible
___ Ask your agent to walk through your home and offer additional ideas and suggestions
___ Prepare a Binder "Home Book" with property information including: Information Sheet (flyer) on Home, list of upgrades, appliance &/or home warranties, floor plan (if available), current property tax receipts, paid utility bills, and information on community and schools.

Additional Checklist of Suggestion:

___ Repaint or touch-up walls ___ Clean out closets
___ Repair or replace old molding ___ Shampoo carpets
___ Check electrical (lights, doorbells, appliances etc.) ___ Wash/wax floors
___ Clean appliances thoroughly ___ Replace burned out light bulbs
___ Clean blinds and curtains ___ Replace old bed spreads
___ Repair or replace faucets & fixtures (if needed) ___ Clean handrails, light switches etc.
___ Box up and place in storage as much as possible: ___ Remove/replace old furniture (extra clothes from closets, toys, nic-- nacs etc.)

___ Remove anything that doesn't add to the curb appeal of property
___ Repair &/or paint all rain gutters, fences, & railing
___ Weed lawn & shrubbery, replant (fertilize) any bad spots in lawn
___ Seal driveway and clean any oil stains from cement (if possible)
___ Paint siding & trim.
___ Wash all windows
___ Replace Welcome Mat

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